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With less than 2% of doctors doing what we do, we are extremely unique.

Meet the team responsible for why we can provide the level of care that we do.

Drs. Cotey and Amanda Jordan have a strong passion for natural health and wellness and congruently live the lifestyle! Doctor means teacher and these wellness experts continuously step up and boldly educate their community, their patients, local businesses, churches, and organizations. They started their busy practice in Cranberry Township in 2009. Over the years they have restored the health of thousands of families and have traveled the world helping the less fortunate in third world countries via clinic abroad trips.  Dr. Cotey has served our country through multiple tours with the United States Air Force and was able to provide care for his fellow troops while in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Health and wellness are developed through the choices we make on a day to day basis. The Doctors understand that when people are healthier, they work harder and are more focused and more productive. In addition, they can be better parents, athletes, volunteers and get so much more out of their own lives. The Doctors believe Health is our greatest asset and that, you and only you, are responsible for protecting it, maintaining it or gaining it back.


Dr. COTEY's Story


Growing up, my family was misled by the medical system, and I too was put through the wringer. What I remember most about my childhood was always being sick. I would regularly miss school and extracurricular activities. I felt different than the other kids. By the age of ten, I had been experiencing persistent sore throats, an extremely weak immune system, and debilitating migraines. I recall the 2:00 a.m. trips to the ER quite vividly. Reaching for the medicine cabinet and taking pills, whichever medications I could find, and locking myself in a pitch-black room became the norm for me. While most kids were outside and playing with friends, I would cry myself to sleep in the middle of the day just wishing the migraines away. As if this wasn’t bad enough, I was still wetting the bed well into my teenage years. You could imagine what that does to a teenage boy’s self-esteem. I felt embarrassed. I felt shame and insecure. I felt alone.

Looking back I knew I had to do something and to my surprise this gentleman was reaching out to help me. I remember like it was yesterday. He looked me square in the eyes and said "Son, I want you to go to my doctor for your condition." I was floored. It turns out his doctor was a corrective care chiropractor. At 21 years old I had no idea what chiropractic was. I had never heard of a chiropractor. So I walked into this office, this environment that is so new to me, and I'm looking around and I can't believe what I'm seeing. These patients are happy, excited to be there, they are full of joy and energy and vitality. It was wild. And then I get this doctor who gives me an experience that I've never had before. He was curious. He asked me questions. He wanted to know how my condition was affecting my quality of life. I get chills just thinking about it. I knew I was in the right place. This guy inspired me to want to be healthy again, to be strong, and not only that he took it to the next level, he empowered me. He did it by explaining why my body was doing what it was doing.


I went back to school to become a chiropractor. I know it sounds absolutely crazy. And looking back it is crazy! Some people spend an entire lifetime searching for their life purpose and for some reason at the young age of 21 mine reached out to me and grabbed me, it smothered me. And not only did it change my life, it has led me to my calling. So now that I'm in my mid 30s I have more energy, more vitality, I'm more productive. I look good, I feel better than I ever have. I am empowered! I am in control of my life. And as powerful as that story is; it's not even about me. It's because one man, one man who I didn't even know, reached out to me and introduced me to this principle that I wasn't even aware of. And I think back from the age of 10 to 21` and I was miserable. My parents and I were misled. We were put through the ringer. We tried anything and everything to no avail. And it's not that my parents didn't love me, they simply didn't know. Although I'll never get those years back, the important thing here is my kiddos, my 6 year old daughter and my 4 year old little girl, will never to suffer like I did. And on top of that there are thousands of families that I have been able to help, and inspire, and empower to take complete control of their health because I know that here in America we are experiencing a health crisis. I know there are millions out there just like me. You've been through the ringer. You've tried everything and anything. I'm here to tell you there is a better way. If you want to be healthy, if you want the chance of taking your health into your hands so that you can live out your life purpose and serve it to the best of your ability, I recommend you get checked by a specific, subluxation-based chiropractor. It will change your life.



Dr. AMANDA's Migraine Story


Dr. Amanda is an avid Crossfitter and recently was a featured speaker at The MomCon. She is passionate about all things health and keeping our community’s families healthy. Dr. Amanda share her story: I grew up in a small town about an hour north, called Meadville. My mom was a “Stay at Home” mom, who not only took extreme pride in raising 3 children but also ran two successful family businesses.

My father worked 3rd shift almost my entire life growing up, this not only was what provided best for our family but also allowed him to come home after a 12 hour shift and then help my mom with the family businesses. My parents instilled the value of hard work, honoring your word and always doing your absolute best – even when no one is looking, not just by way they spoke but by the way they lived. This is probably why my favorite quote is, “How you do anything, is how you do everything.” Additionally my parents consistently told us, we could do or be anything we wanted, as long as we were willing to work for it.

Ever since I was 8 years old I have wanted to be a doctor.I was on the fast track to medical school to become a Neurosurgeon when Rugby and consequently 9 concussions (in less than a 2 year period) came into my life. My final concussion was on the back side of 2 severe concussions in a short 5 week time period (19yrs old and a bit stubborn…okay and stupid). This final concussion dropped me. I was convulsing in my mother’s arms and completely stopped breathing. I thank God for the EMTs that day, as they revived me before we could make it to the hospital. I thought my life was over. Uncontrollable vomiting, seizures (lost my license), random passing out all over a college campus, inability to read the words on a page and going from Valedictorian to literally failing tests…no test and no doctor had any answers…until my mom was told about a Specific Gonstead Chiropractor. Specific Gonstead Chiropractic care literally turned the power to my brain back on. All I could think was – WOW! I can not only effect but optimize someone’s neurology without cutting into their brain! DONE! I am meant to be a Chiropractor.

A short 5 months later I was accepted and starting Graduate School to become a Chiropractor! Palmer College of Chiropractic was amazing not only for the education but that is where I met the man of my dreams! Dr. Cotey and I agreed to move back to PA to start our own Family Practice and raise our family. Since then we have home birthed two beautiful little girls and are excited to serve out our mission in life in the Cranberry area.

I believe everyone, and especially children, deserve the right to achieve their optimal level of health. It is your nervous system that controls this ability.

I am excited to be on a mission with my husband right beside me, where we offer hope to those who truly don’t think they have any and elevate families health! If you are someone who values honesty and wants to remove the labels of disease please contact us. I am so excited to meet you and become part of your health care team!




 At 32 years old, I was told that I would never have children. This news came along with the diagnosis of hypothyroidism and PCOS. These are two diseases that ran in my family so I thought that I was bound to have them. At first it didn't seem so bad because I knew that the doctor was going to treat them with medications. However once the medications were explained to me I became very scared. I wasn't someone who took medications so to think that I would have to live on these for the rest of my life was very overwhelming for me.


About two years prior to that I started having irregular cycles. I gained over 40 pounds, I was extrememly fatigued, I had no energy, and I had mood swings that were spiraling out of control. I felt like I was having out of body experiences, extreme anxiety. I was living in fear. I was afraid to leave my family. I had these crazy thoughts that I was never coming back. I knew it was from medications that I had already been on.

It got so bad that my brother referred me to see his Chiropractor. He and his family had been going on a regular basis. He said that Dr. Amanda could help me as she had a background in nutrition. We thought that maybe that was an answer, an alternative. I had a nutrition consultation with Dr. Amanda. She gave me some recommendations but also suggested that I see them for Chiropractic care. I had never seen a chiropractor before so I was confused as to how they could help me. After having an exam with Dr. Cotey, going over all of my symptoms and my health history, and having him explain to me that my body is not functioning properly and the reasons why; it all made complete sense. I remember feeling like I had been lied to my entire life by the medical community, by doctors whom I were taught to trust and I thought knew everything. Once he explained things to me, I actually had some hope. I knew I had some things to try, and there was nothing to lose.


I became a chiropractic patient, I had my first adjustment, and 5 days later I started my cycle. This is something that was so irregular for so long that I thought it was a coincidence. But then it happened the next month and then the next. It was unbelievable but at the same time I knew I had found something that was positive, it didn't require drugs, and I knew that it was going to help me. And I still had that burning message in the back of my mind that I would not be able to have children. It was still a fear of mine however I knew that I was in the right place and I was going in the right direction. I will say that it was completely consistent for almost 2 years up until the point where I found out I was expecting my first child. I am now 6 months pregnant and expecting my first child. I believe that it is a miracle.


I believe that with Family Chiropractic and Dr. Amanda and Dr. Cotey as my health care professionals, I believe that I owe it all to them. Anyone who is searching for an answer or has similar issues can definitely be helped.


It’s what we do that’s different and unique that allows us to get results where other systems fail. We are known for our specificity and long-term results. 

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"I have now been able to go a couple weeks headache free, and when they do occur they are tolerable -even without medication." 

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