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Please help us congratulate our Recent Patients of the Week!

Jenessa J.

Janessa was referred to us last year by an existing patient and came in with severe lower back and hip pain. She was committed to her care and because of that she has seen amazing results and decreased pain! We love when our patients take their health seriously and because of that, we are celebrating Janessa!

Chris C.

With Father's Day being in June, we recognized a star Father, Chris, as our Patient of the Week! Chris is not only an executive at SAE, but he also is a Dad of twin daughters and an older son! Chris came to us a few months ago with significant lower back pain and has seen significant improvement in this short amount of time! We love to celebrate our patients, and are proud to honor Chris this week!

Patty A.

Patty came to us a little over a year ago with a plethora of issues, including neck/shoulder pain, migraines, fatigue, brain fog and sinus issues. Ten months later, she has rated the majority of her symptoms (all 15 of them) as at least 70% better! Now this didn't happen overnight, but Patty put in the work and has been extremely consistent with her care. We celebrate you, Patty, for living out "Your Health is Your Responsibility"!

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