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While we Have Helped Thousand's...Hear What the Following Participants
Have to Say About Their Family Chiropractic Experience


MAY 2023

Horstman Family.jpg

The Horstman Family

Meet the Horstman’s! This family is ALL about FAMILY!!!

From game nights, to traveling, and getting adjusted together, this family represents a whole lot of fun and personality! They’re ALWAYS laughing and are able to find the fun in absolutely everything. Heck, they even put out fires together - LITERALLY!!!

This family is a joy to have as part of our practice and we are honored to celebrate each and every one of them as our current Correction of the Month.

The Horstman’s began their journey toward extraordinary health after attending one of our Neurodevelopmental Disorder Workshops. Josh and Rachael (dad and mom) were already doing a lot of the right things as far as health goes, so adding Specific Corrective Care Chiropractic to their lifestyle was a no brainer. They saw the benefits, knew it would provide the best quality of life for their daughters (Makayla and Serena), and they took immediate action to get their entire family checked.

What they learned was very beneficial as Josh saw that he could benefit from the Migraine Challenge and realized that this could resolve a few of the other issues he’d been experiencing on a regular basis - i.e. neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, and digestive issues. 

Rachael learned that she, too, had instability in her neck and could see how it was affecting her posture and contributing to a laundry list of symptoms that she’d been experiencing.

Josh and Rachael chose to address all of their family’s needs by proactively starting their oldest daughter, Makayla, under care. And their younger daughter, Serena? She definitely takes the cake… she underwent the most intense care that Specific Corrective Care Chiropractic has to offer in order to address significant scoliosis discovered in her spine.

We’re happy to share that the Horstman Family has completed their initial Blitz/Corrective Care programs and have experienced incredible results while getting adjusted together. The entire family are now members of our Lifetime Family Wellness Club as they continue to live the chiropractic lifestyle and proactively get adjusted to better handle the everyday stressors of life and ensure they age more gracefully!

Again, another round of applause to Serena for completing the intense 9-month BLITZ program while maintaining an extremely active life and sharing all sorts of FUN STORIES about her volunteer fire fighting experiences! We are happy to share that her back pain and discomfort from structural scoliosis, as well as her headaches, have improved immensely!

Take a look at some of the diagnosis, diseases, syndromes, etc...that have walked into our doors and disappeared without the use of drugs, potions, pills, injections or surgery!  Your body was designed to heal itself. By removing the interference we help your body to heal!

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