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September 2022

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Raeline Diruscia

“It’s just crazy! I feel that it should be mandatory that everyone get adjusted by a Specific Corrective Care Chiropractor.”


Raeline was referred in by a good friend of hers who also experienced a life changing transformation here at Family Chiropractic! Raeline has suffered from Migraine Headaches for over fifteen years of her life. Like most chronic migraine sufferers, she knows when the next debilitating headache is about to set in - she experiences foggy vision, light sensitivity and discomfort in the sub-occipital region of her neck.


Raeline’s energy and optimistic look at life is contagious, which is why it’s heartbreaking to know that her migraines began to affect her ability to take care of her three beautiful children. Her husband, Derek, had no choice but to step up like any good husband would do and take care of the kiddos and the household every time Raeline would suffer a flareup. Raeline even made the comment, “There were days where I would have to lay in bed all day and I wouldn’t get anything done. My migraines would get so bad that I literally had to call Derek while he was at work and ask if there were any way he could come home and help with the kids.”


We, at Family Chiropractic, recognize that when momma bear is down, it affects the entire household and puts a lot of extra stress not only the hubby, but the kids as well. We salute both Derek, for being a supportive spouse, and Raeline for stepping up and taking complete responsibility of her health. She not only made the commitment to enroll in a Corrective Care Program, but she also took action, did as she was told, and got her life back in just three months!!!


In addition to getting her regular adjustments, Raeline has also made it a priority to keep up on her regular workouts! In just a few short months since joining our Family Chiropractic family, she has already seen significant improvement in her energy levels, quality of sleep, anxiety, neck pain, floaters in her eyes, sinus issues and tinnitus in her ears.


Raeline is an absolute rockstar and our team at Family Chiropractic looks forward to seeing her continued success as she continues her journey towards getting her life back and taking complete control of her and her family’s health

Take a look at some of the diagnosis, diseases, syndromes, etc...that have walked into our doors and disappeared without the use of drugs, potions, pills, injections or surgery!  Your body was designed to heal itself. By removing the interference we help your body to heal!

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Family Chiropractic Review with James Malinchak

Family Chiropractic Review with James Malinchak

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"My good friend Drs. Cotey and Amanda Jordan are world changers!"


James Malinchak

ABC's Secret Millionaire

Top Selling Author of  20+ Books

Acid Reflux


I first started coming to Dr. Amanda and Dr. Cotey because my brother was a patient and he was getting a lot of help. I had very bad acid reflux and my parents thought chiropractic could help me like it helped my brother. Dr. Amanda showed me why my spine being out of line is related to having my reflux. I started to feel better and love coming to get adjusted because I know it will keep me healthy. - Tyler O.


Gormley Family July 2021.jpg

"Family Chiropractic first caught my attention through an ad for a workshop- they mentioned a connection between behavioral issues, like ADHD, and chiropractic care.

I had never connected the two together, but it made sense.

Considering the fact that we have 6 adopted children, and 5 of them have ADHD and ODD diagnoses, I was intrigued. I have also struggled with headaches for most of my life, after being in a car accident and suffering two consecutive concussions. Additionally, I have SI joint pain for years that no doctor has been able to help with. 

Since being treated by Drs. Cotey and Amanda for the past few months, I have had very few headaches, am getting a natural curve back in my neck, and my pelvis and lower spine are now straight!


Our six-year-old boys have also shown significant improvement and we are now hoping to wean them off of their ADHD meds!" - Diana , Asher and Cole G.



At six months old Luca rolled down 18 wooden steps to the concrete basement floor. As any mother would do I rushed him to the nearest emergency room. Luca was discharged after 17 minutes. In that time a nurse took his vitals, a doctor took his pulse and a nurse came back in to tell me how resilient children were. As I put Luca in the car I was dialing Family Chiropractic for Luca's first appointment. Moving forward to just after his first birthday Luca became ill.  At 2 in the morning his lips were blueish and his breathing was labored. I rushed him to Children's Hospital where after two breathing treatments and a round of steroids he was admitted with a diagnosis of asthma (which is very rare for someone so young). After a two day  stay Luca was discharges with a prescription for steroids and a nebulizer treatment system, all of which have precarious side effects. Since these incidents Luca has been under the constant care of Family Chiropractic and for the last six months has been drug free.  Luca's asthma is maintained by chiropractic care, he is healthy and very happy.  In August, Luca will be two and he will celebrate just as he should. If you ever run into Luca ask him what he thinks of Dr. Amanda... he will raise his arms in the air and yell yeah! - Luca M.


Back Pain


For the past few years I have developed back pain while running. In fact exercise in general brought pain that I decided to live with due to unsuccessful treatments with other Doctors that used muscle relaxers and pain relievers to treat me. It was time to go down a different path of treatment than before. I heard some folks in run club talking about their experiences with Dr Amanda Jordan. The practice was highly recommended by several people so I gave her a call.

In the first visit the Doctor took X-rays of my spine and after finding some issues which she explained in detail. She then talked about how she was going to approach the problems. After a few visits and some time educating me as to the process of what was taking place with my spine, the pain lessened and I am running better than I have in a long time with no pain. Dr Jordan is also treating me with supplements to help with allergies and digestive issues. I have seen positive results in these treatments as well.


The treatments were effective and I experienced results in less time than I could have imagined. I was waiting for some long drawn out treatment plan that was going to force me to lose work time. Instead I found a practice that is very flexible with schedules and gets down to the nuts and bolts of the problem with no huge sales pitch. I would describe the quality of care as caring, efficient, educational and effective. - Scott S.


In December 2013, my six year old daughter Lily started complaining that her back was hurting. She had pain in between her shoulder blades that just wouldn’t go away. I didn’t know much about chiropractors, but I knew that this was an issue for that profession; not something my Pediatrician could help with. A friend of mine used a chiropractor in Cranberry, and I thought about going to him; however, after a quick internet search I found Family Chiropractic which specializes in children. I knew this was the place I needed to take Lily.


During our initial visit, Dr. Amanda did a wonderful job explaining subluxations, how the body worked, and how she helps correct the problems. She made me feel very comfortable having Lily under her care because she took time to explain the “why” and “how it works.” After the x-ray, we saw that Lily’s back was curved and her hips were not aligned; this was cause of her pain. In all the years of going to the pediatrician, they never picked up on this curvature; nor did we, as parents, pick up on this issue because she looked like a healthy kid from the outside. We started Lily’s treatments in January 2014 and within 2 short months her spine was close to being perfectly straight. The pain in her back went away almost immediately after the first few adjustments.

In addition to the back pain, Lily also complained of frequent stomach aches though I could never understand why they were happening or determine the cause. However, as she received the adjustments to her back, her stomach issues began to decline and have now gone away completely. Lily is now on track for a healthy life starting from the inside out. We continue to perform the maintenance adjustments bi-weekly to help maintain healthy spinal growth! Thank you Dr. Amanda and Dr. Cotey! - Shanna D.

I first came to Family Chiropractic through my daughter who was suffering from back pain. It was through Dr. Cotey Jordan’s great explanation, diagnosis, and plan that I realized I should be coming in as well, after suffering from 30+ years of chronic back pain.

I have had lots of health improvements since starting care at Family Chiropractic. I have dramatically decreased my medications, taking no allergy and pain medicine any longer! I have increased energy, increased mobility and range of motion. I like to go to the aqua classes at the YMCA and I have been able to increase my weight and endurance. I am also staring golf! A lot of stuff!

There are so many things I love about coming in for care. Everyone is so cheerful and happy, and they truly care about you. Drs. Amanda and Cotey are so encouraging, they want ME to take ownership for my health and understand everything, and will go to great lengths to explain everything to you. I love their dedication and their excitement to help other people be healthy and live their life to the fullest. -Claudine W.


I was introduced to Drs. Cotey and Amanda Jordan through a mutual friend who felt we shared mutual values regarding healthy and balanced lifestyles. It has proven to be one of my rewarding encounters and allowed me to establish a fulfilling friendship with people whom I respect and who are examples of how healthy lifestyles can impact our lives.I admit that I was skeptical about chiropractic care from previous encounters with old style chiropractors. As a practicing physical therapist, we sometimes have different approaches to solving problems, which added to my reluctance. After a gentle dose of persuasion, Dr. Cotey convinced me to try his approach and appealed to my desire to make lasting changes in my life.

I am 67 years old and have experienced 3 different back surgeries in the lumbar spine. I have ongoing problems with minor pain after the surgeries, but nothing I thought was dangerous. However, I had resigned myself that my “Golden Years” would not prove to be golden, because of the degeneration that was evident in my lower back vertebrae.

I can now say unequivocally, that the adjustment protocol that I have received from Drs. Cotey and Amanda has done wonders. My back pain is a thing of the past; my vertebral alignment ia more normal, with some changes proving to be dramatic. My body and weight is more balanced, I experience decreased parasthesia in my left foot (a constant post-surgical problem prior to adjustment), and I just feel better.

On another note, I have recently completed a 21 day cleanse from Standard Process. Dr. Amanda first encouraged me to consider this as the next step to a healthy lifestyle. I decided to dive in because of the trust I had in her recommendations. This cleanse also proved to be life changing. The change in my body was staggering to me. My energy level has increased. I lost 21 pounds in 3 weeks without starving myself. My skin condition has improved. My sleeping pattern has improved and I wake up refreshed instead of “groggy.”

Needless to say, I would recommend Family Chiropractic to anyone willing to change their lifestyle, is willing to take the responsibility for their health and is willing to take a leap of faith and listen to the words of wisdom shared by Drs. Cotey and Amanda. I respect that they live what they preach. They have truly been a blessing in my life. -Larry S.


13 years ago, at the age of 22, in just the second year of my career as a Registered Nurse,  I developed excruciating low back pain that shot down my legs.

 It did not matter if I stood, sat, or lied down - nothing improved the pain. 

 I couldn't understand why I was going through this? I had not suffered any injury that might cause this to make sense. 

 As an RN, I tend to wait things out, hope my body corrects itself all while trying to self diagnose because... well, that’s what we nurses do. 

 When the symptoms didn’t pass, I finally made an appointment with my primary care physician. I was not looking for pain medicine - I was looking for a cause. I was given a script for a lumbar x-ray and physical therapy. 

 I had my x-ray taken and was told that I had decreased spacing between my last several vertebrae.  I was told (at 22 years of age!) that this is "typical" of what the radiologist sees with nurses. Umm... I had only been a nurse for a year! This did not make sense. 

 I went to my PT sessions three times per week, as prescribed. I had to fit them around my work schedule and pay a copay each time. My symptoms waxed and waned. I finished my course of therapy but, for the past 13 years, continued to have flares ups. Luckily, the symptoms resolved enough that I was able to live with it. 

 Fast forward, 13 years later, when the COVID 19 pandemic began. I was still working as an RN - but, now, from home. My two boys were in 3rd grade and Kindergarten at the time and were thrown into virtual learning. I had to figure out how to be a productive employee, mom, teacher, and IT person all at the same time.


As the weeks passed, that low back pain with the jolts down my legs returned - except this time it didn't just go away. It lingered more and more and was hard to ignore. 

 In full transparency, I have always been leery of Chiropractic medicine. I had never really taken the time to understand it. It's not talked about in Nursing school and I had heard a few “horror stories”.

 However, I wanted something more. I wanted to actually figure out the CAUSE of my pain, and if there was any possible way to truly fix it.

So I started doing some chiropractic research.

 I didn't want just any ole chiropractic practice. In my research I discovered the “Gonstead Technique” and was intrigued. 

 I wanted to learn even more, so I searched the good ole web in order to find any chiropractors in the north Pittsburgh area who actually practiced this way.

 This is what brought me to Family Chiropractic. 

 I have learned so much about my body since becoming a patient here! I learned that I had stage 2 cervical and lumbar degeneration. The full body x-ray I had initially was astonishing! 

 I knew I didn't feel my best, and I knew I didn't feel like a 35 year old, but that first x-ray changed my life.

 There were so many additional symptoms I was experiencing that I never even realized could be caused by my spinal misalignment and degeneration!

 Migraines, anxiety, insomnia, GI issues.... and remember,  I came here for low back pain! 

 I'm so excited to have seen my progress xray-- and the positive changes. I knew I felt them, but to see them in black and white is amazing! 

 That low back pain? It was gone within a couple weeks of my  blitz care! 

I have not had a full blown migraine since I started this journey. 

My GI symptoms....  were the first things that I noticed were gone. They literally improved after my very first adjustment! 

 I am beyond grateful for Drs Amanda and Cotey and for the smiling faces of Heather and Aubrey. I have so much hope now to be able to function at my best for my husband, boys and myself! 

 I am forever grateful for the care I've received and the knowledge I've gained  at Family Chiropractic. 

I can't wait to see what this journey continues to hold in the future for me. - Kaitlyn P.

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"Family Chiropractic first caught my attention through an ad for a workshop- they mentioned a connection between behavioral issues, like ADHD, and chiropractic care.

I had never connected the two together, but it made sense.

Considering the fact that we have 6 adopted children, and 5 of them have ADHD and ODD diagnoses, I was intrigued. I have also struggled with headaches for most of my life, after being in a car accident and suffering two consecutive concussions. Additionally, I have SI joint pain for years that no doctor has been able to help with. 

Since being treated by Drs. Cotey and Amanda for the past few months, I have had very few headaches, am getting a natural curve back in my neck, and my pelvis and lower spine are now straight!


Our six-year-old boys have also shown significant improvement and we are now hoping to wean them off of their ADHD meds!" - Diana , Asher and Cole G.

Stacy Jewell.jpg

Stacy is an absolute ray of sunshine!


She is the epitome of someone who always sees the glass half full! Her commitment to her health and lifestyle changes over the past several months have resulted in a massive reduction of an entire laundry list of symptoms!

She has been faithful to her regularly scheduled adjustments, as well as her spinal hygiene and, as a result, has seen incredible structural changes!


On top of her body functioning at a much higher level neurologically, she has also stepped up her “game” in the food and fitness realm, committing to a few diet changes which has led her to a 10+ lbs. weight loss, thus far! She’s looking good, feeling good and, most importantly, her energy levels are up!!! Stacy states that she feels healthier than she has in a long time, now being able to play with her grandkids - which used to push her to exhaustion and she’d “pay for it” with a headache.


Her bubbly attitude and willingness to offer help to anyone she meets, no matter the circumstances, are just a few of the many reasons that we are proud to honor and celebrate her! -Stacy J.


Night Ninja is an 11 year old boy who due to his ninja skills prefers to remain anonymous:
How often did you wet the bed? 4-5 times a week
How did it make you feel when you wet the bed? confused, embarassed
How often do you wet the bed now? I went 28 days without wetting the bed! (update: over 90 days dry!!!)

Can you explain to other children how Dr. Jordan helps you with bed wetting? I have a bone that is tilted and because its tilted it does not let my body communicate. Dr. Jordan moves the tilted bone so my nerve can communicate and now the tilted bone is not tilted anymore and I can feel when I have to go to the bathroom.

You should know I'm a skeptic. The idea that Dr. Jordan could help my son wake up dry in the morning feels incredibly far fetched. Even now, when I understand WHY she has been able to help, I still feel a twinge of disbelief. Yet it is true. It is really happening. And perhaps only parents of "bed wetters" can imagine how grateful I am.


What I have come to understand is this: The reason my 7yr old "Night Ninja" kept waking up wet is the nerves trying to send the "HEY! Wake-up you gotta PEE!" message were not getting their message to the brain's command center. So my son woke up wet. Often. Four or five times a week often. Lots and lots of laundry. Many expensive "Pull-Ups" often. And my ninja was so very discouraged. I have to admit, I had come to think of it as "normal". Both my son's uncle and grand dad wet the bed into their teen years. I figured it was somehow genetic and my ninja would eventually grow out of it. I really wish I had understood sooner that a chiropractor could help.

"How can Dr. Jordan possibly help?" I wondered. Then Dr. Amanda explained that the reason the messages were not being correctly sent or received was a neurological problem. -That the nerves couldn't get the "HEY! Wake-up you gotta PEE!" message out. And Dr. Jordan understands the nerve (neurologic) system.

Even though Dr. Jordan had helped me hugely with my migraines, it was still hard to take the step and let her help my son. I guess I was just scared. And yet, the likelihood that she could help my son was huge. So I decided I'd try her care for 6 months. Within that first month alone we saw a drastic improvement. The Night Ninja went from wet 4-5x a week to dry 4-5x a week. His longest stretch so far has been 28 consecutive days dry. I can see his confidence growing. He is excited for his first sleepover with his friends. ~A delight he avoided when he had to wear pull-ups.

So now as I lay in bed, I hear the sound of 7yr old footsteps speeding the the bathroom. A swoosh, a flush and the Night Ninja has struck again. Thank you so much Dr. Jordan. - the "Night Ninja" Mama

breech Baby


When I was 38 weeks pregnant, my baby had been breech for 3 weeks and my doctor's had forced me to schedule a C-section delivery. I was very distraught and thought there had to be something that I could do to turn my baby around which did not involve two large men pushing on my stomach! I reached out to my friends and that is when I found Family Chiropractic and Dr. Amanda. The first time I visited Dr. Amanda I felt very comfortable. She was very thorough and explained everything to me before we got started. Dr. Amanda used a technique called Websters, which is completely painless. After just four adjustments, my baby has flipped to head down! I cannot thank Dr. Amanda and Family Chiropractic enough for helping me and my baby. I would absolutely recommend them to all my mommy and mommy to be friends for prenatal care and beyond! - Erin N., Lucie’s Mommy



My daughter Avery, now 18 months old, has been attending my chiropractic visit to see Dr. Amanda Jordan since she was about 4 months old. With a developing immune system, I have found the adjustments that she receives to be very beneficial. It was around 9 months when we began to introduce solid food that she experienced constipation for the first time. I contacted Dr. Jordan to see if an adjustment would be something that could ease her discomfort. I was amazed at what a difference a small adjustment made. Needless to say, my daughter made up for lost time and my husband and I changed more than our normal share of diapers in the days following the adjustment. - Casie Z.


Degenerative Disc Disease


The problems that brought me in to see Dr. Jordan was the fact that no other chiropractors were hearing me because they were not truly “taking the time to listen.” Dr. Jordan really takes the time to listen, truly listen. I feel like with the other D.C.’s my treatment was being put in a box. Meaning I wasn’t a quick fix case and the usual adjustments were not working. I was actually getting worse. Dr. Jordan has you in a gown in order to “see” your back. Because of that she could see swelling; she could see the path of red dots where a nerve was being pinched.

In 2000 I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. I am very physically active and because I was getting worse I had to stop exercising. Even using my right leg to push off with and just go up steps hurt. Because of Dr. Jordan’s caring nature I have started to have days where I can walk, stretch, go up steps without straining or painful tightness. I can even do something so easy as to pivot! My right leg and hip would catch so bad with such an intense grabbing strain that because Dr. Jordan takes the time to listen. I can now, without even thinking about it pivot and turn with no problem. - Linda S.


I had another chiropractor tell me that the condition of my spine was too bad and that the best he could offer me was pain management. My spine is not healthy, however in 3 months time Dr. Amanda and Dr. Cotey have taken me from a phase 3 degeneration in my low back to a phase 2 and from a late phase 3 to an early phase 3 in my neck! That's huge! The Jordan's care about you and your health. They want you to understand how your body works and how to keep it functioning properly. The knowledge I have acquired is just about as huge as the improvement I've experienced! You can't go wrong with this practice, I wish I had found them sooner and I wish everyone I love and care about would become patients here! - Linda M.



Hello, my name is Patricia Wainwright. I am a 25 year old mother of two. About two years ago is the first time I'd ever heard about family Chiropractic from one of my friends. She had urged me for the longest time to come see Dr. Amanda and Dr. Cotey for help. At that point in my life, I had been struggling with anxiety, panic disorder and depression. I was diagnosed with narcolepsy shortly before that and was given medication to help with my fatigue. As we all know, working a full time job and raising two young children​ is no easy task, but at the end of everyday I had no energy left. I was constantly tired, I struggled with back pain, headaches, dizziness and a list of symptoms that goes on.

I was not functioning like I should at 25 years of age.

I finally made time to hear what Dr. Amanda and Cotey​ had to say. Just hearing what they had to say opened my eyes to everything that was going wrong with my body. Little did I know, that just a short year later, I had not only made the time, but also a great investment in my health and future.

When I came back for Dr. Cotey to review the changes in my final X-rays, I was amazed at all the positive changes that had been made in such a short time. But I didn't need an X-ray to know there was change because I felt it.

All of my symptoms are near gone and best of all, I am no longer relying on any medications of any kind to help me function properly.

Not only did they help me physically, they helped me see my overall health in a whole new light. For myself and my family.  Mentally, physically, and emotionally I have grown in a positive way because I chose to do something about it with people who love doing what THEY do.




I believe in fate. One day, my boss announced we were going to have a chiropractic office bring in lunch and we just had to listen to a short presentation. I was up for it, who would turn down a free lunch? Little did I know, that lunch would change the way I lived and took care of myself and my family.

Stacee was so energetic and excited about her job, so I decided to make an appointment and give it a try. I had been suffering from migraines, sciatic pain and constant dizziness since I was young. I just didn’t ever feel “well.”  I had tried doctors and yoga and over the counter medicines, but nothing helped longer than a few days. The first time I met with Doctor Jordan, I knew we would be a great fit for each other. I have only been a patient for almost 6 months, and already my life has drastically improved. The headaches are minimal, the dizziness is almost completely gone and the sciatic pain is far and few between. Not only has my spinal health improved, but I now am inspired to eat better and put myself first for once. As a busy mom of 2 boys, 7 and 15, you seem to always put yourself last. With Dr. Amanda’s help, I realized that when I am not taking care of myself, I am not doing my kids any good. I have lost 8 pounds in 6 weeks by simply changing my diet.

I am amazed how much more energy and healthier that I feel. I can only imagine how much better I will feel in another 6 months. I feel like the staff at Family Chiropractic has become part of my family and that they actually care about my health. I believe in fate, and fate brought me to FC!! - Chris M.

Ear Infections


Alex started going to Family Chiropractic soon after his first birthday. We were looking for an alternative to the antibiotics his doctors used to prescribe weekly for his ear infections. He also had colic, issues with immune system, irregular bowel movements, some food intolerances and constant waking up during the night. Alex is now two years old and since we first met Dr. Amanda and Dr. Cotey, we have not needed to see his "regular" doctor. He has not even had a single ear infection! He is the healthiest kid (even during flu season) at the daycare. We as a family have changed our eating habits/lifestyle per Dr. Amanda and Dr. Cotey's recommendation (very easy to do so-when their family is a great example to us). Besides fruits and veggies we boost our immune systems by taking quality supplements and with the regular chiropractic adjustments. Alex is a good sleeper and very happy two year old toddler. Thank you for making a difference in our life! - Mickey S., Alex's mom




I have to start by saying that I truly believed I could not be helped by anyone much less a Chiropractor! I was taking so many medications from different Doctors for several issues; I was diagnosed with arthritis, spinal stenosis, bone spurs and Fibromyalgia. I was too young to have so many issues; I was miserable every day and just doing my job was exhausting! Then a friend of mine said I had to try her chiropractor “they are amazing” she said. After my X-rays and an explanation as to what was actually going on with me I decided to give Chiropractic a chance.  I am so glad I did; I have had an amazing change in my life! I am done with just over half of my adjustments now and I am feeling amazing, full of energy and can work without pain. I can never thank Dr. Cotey and Dr. Amanda enough for the quality of life I have back! I will continue with wellness care after my corrective care is through and not only because of how it has made me feel physically but because the atmosphere in their office is so invigorating. There is an air of positivity and personal treatment for every client. I recommend Family Chiropractic to everyone and I know given the chance they can help you! - Dee Harman

First I have to say that Family Chiropractic is not the first Chiropractic office I have visited. As a matter of fact, it is the seventh! Some of them were good experiences and some of them were not so good. I have pretty low back/sacrum pain that I have had for a very long time. I also have MS and IBS and I pretty much just hurt. I don’t know how else to explain it other than to say I just hurt; all the time, everywhere. It had been years since I had had a pain free day. I met Dr. Amanda at a women’s networking group I joined and decided to see what she had to say.

I made an appointment and quickly realized JFC was going to be different. I just felt this Chiropractor (meaning Dr. Amanda and Dr. Cotey) seemed different from the other chiropractors. Dr. Amanda and Dr. Cotey  did an extensive neurological exam, spinal x-rays and a report of findings where they explained their recommended plan of action. Dr. Jordan explained how she was not doing manipulations, but that she was doing “adjustments.” Then she explained the difference! Ahhhh, I see!!! I found it so interesting and informative. It all made so much sense to me.


One day I walked into the office and Dr. Cotey asked me what was wrong. I told him: “I just didn't feel right”. As I walked back to the changing room he noticed me veering off to my left. I was very unsteady on my feet. I changed into my gown and went into the room to see Dr. Amanda. She looked at me and asked me what was wrong. I told her “I just didn't feel right and I had a headache and I was nauseous”. She called in Dr. Cotey and he noticed that my pupils were uneven. Dr. Cotey needed to give me a neck adjustment. He explained what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. He was very patient and kind. After he did the adjustment it was like he had flipped a switch!! I felt better, my headache and nausea were gone and that "I just don't feel right" feeling was gone. Also, my pupils evened out too. I was amazed and realized that this was going to work! One day I woke up, got out of bed and got on with my day. My husband came home from work and asked me how I felt. I started to say “I hurt”, because that is what I always said, but then I stopped myself and said "I actually feel good today! I don't hurt." Huh? Did I just say that? Yes I did!


When Dr. Amanda did my first progress report we were amazed at how much I improved. My second progress report was great too! I continue on the schedule that was laid out and I have had several pain free days! The patience that Dr. Amanda shows is remarkable. This has been and will continue to be a long process, but I have faith that the Drs. Jordan will continue to help me have more and more pain free days and just be a healthier person! - Leslie B.



Let’s start by just saying... I felt really crappy all over all the time. Every afternoon by 3 or 4 was tired, achy joints - before, during and after working. The following days after work had swollen joints. Slow to get out of bed in the morning... taking about 15 minutes to get up and get going for the day. Couldn’t even sleep through the night. Would fall asleep for about 3 to 4 hours and then that was it... toss and turn for the remainder... and then of course felt lousy the whole next day.

Losing weight was really hard so it was easier to give up and besides there was always something “more important” to do…even if it was work. And then you can add hot flashes on top of all this with a screwed up cycle that was all over the place.

After following all of Dr. Amanda’s advice, there is no afternoon tiredness anytime and I felt like I could work all day and feel wonderful. Don’t seem to run out of steam and can work all day even with my rheumatoid arthritis. The supplements have really helped. My joints don’t hurt working and they do not hurt the next day like they used to.

I can go to bed at 9:30-10 and sleep through out the whole night and if I do get up... can go back to bed and fall right back to sleep! I can even fall back asleep when my husband’s alarm goes off at 4:40am! I have not been able to do this since my first child was born 26 years ago.

My hot flashes... within about 2 weeks myself and my husband noticed that the hot flashes just weren’t showing up anymore... just kind of faded away. Along with this my cycle is actually normal again!

With Dr. Amanda’s recommendations, eating better and choosing healthier choices and putting myself first... the weight has changed and is easier to get off.

My biggest regret was not finding Dr. Jordan sooner. If I would have invested in my health earlier in life I would be so much healthier now for my grandchildren. Thank you Dr. Jordan! - Cheryl A.

Growing Pains


I am one of the many patients that go to Dr. Jordan's Family Chiropractic. I started going to Dr. Jordan after my mom read the JFC newsletter about how leg pains were not growing pains. Before I went to Dr. Jordan, I was having leg cramps almost every night and headaches during school. When my mom finally brought me into see Dr. Jordan I found out I had scoliosis, my hips weren't aligned, my spine was very crooked which isn't good and my neck was perfectly straight which is very bad too, it is suppose to be curved. I have been going to Dr. Jordan's office for about three months now and I have seen many improvements in such a little time. My hips are evening out, my spine is beginning to move back toward how it's supposed to be, my neck is begging to regain it's natural curve and I have absolutely no leg cramps anymore, and I get headaches a lot less and less severe.

I am so very happy I go to Dr. Jordan's. I feel better every day and my activities and sports are not as hard to do anymore! The Jordan family are amazing at what they do and put so much care and effort into what they do! If you have back pain Dr. Jordan's office is the perfect treatment. Take my word for it, I go all the time and so do other people. Thanks for reading! - Lindsey S., 11 years old