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While we Have Helped Thousand's...Hear What the Following Participants
Have to Say About Their Family Chiropractic Experience


January 2023

Leah Ogline.jpg

Leah Ogline

“Yikes! I forgot I even put up with ALL of this. Looking back, I truly was depressed This Past Year Has Been Incredible!”

These were the words that came out of Leah’s mouth as she vulnerably spoke truth during her Re-Exam while looking over her third and final set of x-rays!!!

Leah was officially diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and she pushed through a lot of pain and annoying discomfort. As you can see by her “laundry list” of symptoms and issues that she dealt with on a consistent basis, it’s clear that Specific Corrective Care Chiropractic has given Leah her life back!

Leah and her hubby Tommy (TJ) have always been fans of chiropractic and would go to get adjusted regularly together. It was when she heard about the Gonstead System and how it was unique and different when she turned to Family Chiropractic to see for herself. Oh man is the team here at Family Chiropractic ever glad she did! We absolutely love her down to earth, cheerful, relatable, friendly attitude she brings in with her at the office, not to mention her four year-old daughter who is just the sweetest little girl ever

If a model parent existed, Leah would be her! She is a happily married momma of two. On top of that, Leah is self employed so when she’s not playing mom (or doing them simultaneously) she is the co-owner / Office Manager of T James Motorsports. Knowing that stress attacks the weakest part of the body, Leah definitely doesn’t sweat the little things, but man does she have her plate full and we all here at Family Chiropractic are glad to see her feeling better and functioning at such a high level.


Congratulations Leah, keep up the positive attitude and being the world changer that you are!

Take a look at some of the diagnosis, diseases, syndromes, etc...that have walked into our doors and disappeared without the use of drugs, potions, pills, injections or surgery!  Your body was designed to heal itself. By removing the interference we help your body to heal!

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