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Inflammation & Turmeric

Stress attacks the weakest part of the body.

If your body has a vulnerability, stress will continue to break it down, leading to inflammation in your body. If there is inflammation in your body, you can be sure something is causing it. Something is either irritated, broken, damaged - basically NOT HAPPY.There are two types of inflammation - Acute and Chronic.

Acute inflammation comes on rapidly usually within minutes of an injury and quickly goes away in a few hours or days. The most common source is a mechanism of injury – sprained ankle, bee sting, twisting of the knee, etc.

Chronic inflammation starts with the same cellular response but then lingers for years as the host’s neuroimmune system (you) is unable to eliminate the problem. The longer the inflammation lingers in your cell’s membranes – the worse your health becomes. Now if this reaction is “fed” with toxins, GMO’s, EMF exposure, sugar, alcohol etc., your neuroimmune system will attempt to send White Blood Cells and attack even nearby healthy tissues – this only creates MORE inflammatory response and pushes your towards an inflamed body – literally at the cellular level. This exact process holds a central role in auto immune disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, as asthma, Alzheimer’s and so much more!

Quick anatomy lessonyour cell is made up of a bi-lipid layer of fat which acts as a gate keeper allowing both - nutrients to flow into the cell AND toxins and free radicals from inside the cell to leave easily! This function is not just vital to our health but to our life as well. When your cell has inflammation – nothing can come in and nothing can get out. Now your cell becomes a toxic wasteland, poisoning you from the inside out. In addition, your cell is now unable to function appropriately as it cannot “hear” what your hormones are trying to tell it to do. This lack of ability to “hear” your hormones creates chaos in your body and can result in hyper/hypo thyroid disorders, hormone dysfunction disorders, etc.

Why are we discussing this in a Chiropractic newsletter?

The whole purpose of you and your entire family receiving specific adjustments is to restore and keep your neurological function at or as close to 100%. This ensures your neuroimmune response is vibrant, strong and properly working - not allowing chronic inflammation to take over your body.

The removal of nerve interference stops the inflammatory response and is why we see so many results with anxiety, depression, ADHD, ADD and other “neurological disorders” with nothing more than specific adjustments!


Turmeric is one of the most well known anti-inflammatory spices in the world!

The color and boosted power come from the Curcuminoid nutrient. This also is what gives turmeric its gold color.

For years I used to add raw turmeric root to my smoothies – because – its healthy...right? I did this thinking I was doing a great thing for my body! Although it caused no harm – I was NOT getting the health benefits I thought.The secret about Turmeric is – it is not about how much you ingest – but how much you can use! (ie: bioavailability)

What I didn’t know for years was that to obtain all the touted health benefits of Turmeric – scientists and herbalists discovered, Curcuminoids need to be combined with Anise (or fennel). When properly combined it increases bioavailability for 24.8%! TOGETHER these two products have the perfect cofactors to super charge anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant reactions!

I love MediHerb’s Turmeric because this perfect combination is already all put together for me. With only 1 serving a day I am ingesting the equivalent of 20-25 teaspoons of Turmeric!

Talk to our team to add this power house product to your daily routine!

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